After Cloud, will Business and IT merge?

This entry was originally posted on the CloudSource Blog in December 2011 Cloud has now been around for a couple years. Slowly but surely, the significance of cloud is daunting on people. Beyond the new technologies used to improve the utilization of the IT environment, the move to services and a service-based thinking is fundamentally... Continue Reading →

Should big data reside in the cloud?

This entry was originally posted on the CloudSource blog on November 2011 Now that cloud is slowly evolving beyond the “peak of inflated expectations” on the Gartner hype cycle, it looks like a new hype is coming quickly. It’s called “big data.” Let’s first define the term, so we’re sure what we are talking about.... Continue Reading →

IT should become a service provider

This entry has originally been published on the CloudSource blog in December 2011 Have you ever heard people complaining their IT department does not provide them the tools and services they require? I can tell you, I often get an earful of such conversations. So my next question is always, what are you doing about... Continue Reading →

Is Cloud relevant for IT?

This article appeared first in the CloudSource blog in November 2011 As I was preparing my thoughts for this new blog, I ran into a thought-provoking article titled “Cloud has ‘no relevance’ say three-quarters of IT managers.” A report published by risk consultancy Protiviti, who interviewed 100 UK IT managers, state that 74 percent thought... Continue Reading →

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