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October 2016

Get Service Focused, Run at the Pace of the Business

Over the last year, I participated in a number of cloud deals involving large enterprises. Most of them consisted in the migration to a hybrid cloud including a private and a shared component. And for many it was really the first... Continue Reading →

Evergreen Applications: A Myth or Reality?

The business environment is changing at an ever faster pace. As part of this momentum, business teams expect IT to adapt their applications so they can address the latest business conditions quickly. The problem? Most IT departments are unable to... Continue Reading →

DevOps, what IT can learn from Manufacturing

A while ago I was asked to do a presentation on trends in automation and cloud. I titled it “Industrialize your Information Technology.” I often have the impression IT is still seen by many as a craftsmanship, particularly when we include... Continue Reading →

DevOps, it’s not just automation

I often hear people telling me they are moving quickly to DevOps and that they are automating their testing and deployment environments. Unfortunately six or nine months later they are disappointed. They have not gotten the benefits they expected. Why... Continue Reading →

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