Public Cloud and Budget Airlines

In my last podcast I talked about the things to take into account when migrating to public cloud. This time I’m looking at the costs associated with running applications in the public cloud and how you can estimate them. Unfortunately they are as transparent as the real price you pay with a budget airline. The price advertised and the one you pay bear no resemblance. You can use the AWS and Azure calculators, but do they really help you as you may not have a lot of the information they require. In the podcast I share with you an alternative approach. However, prices in public cloud are falling slower than prices in hardware. That’s been titled Bezos’ law. The article dates a little but the law is still applicable. And we’re not talking about the other hidden costs:

  • Integration across multiple providers and domains
  • End-to-end security
  • Integrated management

We’ll come back in the next podcast about where and how you can save money to justify migrating to public cloud. Have a good listening.

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