4 key items to keep in mind when identifying the perfect cloud for an app.

I’m better off because I put 50% of my workloads in public cloud. Why 50, why not 75. Such comparisons don’t make sense. Defining ratios upfront, just thinking about infrastructure are not helpful and may result in the inability for the company to achieve its digital transformation in the long run. Designing a hybrid cloud environment is not defining how you put your current data center design in the cloud. That will lead you nowhere. So, for a successful journey to cloud, one that enables you to address the future needs of your business colleagues, take the time to think through those four aspects:

  • What will you use the public cloud for in the lifecycle of the application. Development, testing, integration tests, QA, staging, production?
  • What do you do with your existing applications? Are you ready to review their inherent security? Take the time to properly analyse your portfolio with your enterprise security in mind. You can do that using the approach I highlighted here.
  • How will you ensure end-to-end security? How will you enable the integration between your public, private cloud and traditional environment? What level of encryption will I use? How do I enable those interactions?
  • IT departments need to become service brokers. This implies a fundamental change in the IT Operating Model. Are you ready to develop a bi-modal IT, one where a mode 1 approach is used for the legacy while a mode 2 approach is used for the cloud based environments

This is what I discuss in this podcast. Have a great listening and give me feedback.

Tell me what is going through your mind.

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