From IT to Digital Business Operating Model

In a traditional IT operating model competencies are grouped in silos with clearly defined responsibilities. The cloud is fundamentally changing that by forcing teamwork between technology teams for a common objective, keep the environment up and running. Going to digital and the responsiveness and agility required to do this forces the operating model even further from the traditional one. By separating out business processes and the services that support each of the steps, the interactions between business and IT are increased dramatically. What about a model where the business is responsible for the business process as a whole and IT focuses on the delivery of individual services that support business process steps? Let’s explore the advantages of such approach and highlight the changes. Have a good listening.

One Reply to “From IT to Digital Business Operating Model”

  1. Christian, I was looking for your email address on this site but did not find it yet. Your thinking in this podcast is fully aligned with the thinking I have been doing. I think I have already told you about my blog and my book website The Operating Model Canvas tool is the ideal tool to support CIOs when they are redesigning their operating models in the way you are suggesting. This is because the focus in the tool is about the value streams in IT that deliver value to the business. I would be interested in discussing this with you if you have time.


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