Cloud Native or Cloud Migrant, two key decisions to take.

Are you a cloud native, a start-up or existing company using cloud to develop your new business approaches, or are you a cloud migrant, a company migrating their existing IT assets to cloud environments? In both cases a number of decisions are required. Two are critical for the future of your digital endeavors. First, are you going to use all the capabilities your target cloud environment provides you? In other words, are you going to use the PaaS capabilities available in Azure, AWS, Google Cloud or any other cloud? Or do you want your applications to be compatible with multiple cloud environments? Second, what configurations, options, tools will you use within your target cloud? How much freedom of choice will you give to your developer community? In this podcast I discuss those elements and highlight the pro’s and con’s of each approach. There is no good and bad attitude, but it’s important to think through those early on in the process and make your decisions with your eyes wide open.

Tell me what is going through your mind.

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