DevOps, Swarming and Automation to complement Brokering

In my last podcasts I talked about hybrid IT, brokering and supplier management. But there is more to the new digital world. IT departments need to respond fast to ever changing requirements of the business. The user experience is becoming critical to ensure lasting relationships and successful business. Agile and DevOps tend to make the IT department more responsive and better equipped to respond to changing user needs. We are no longer speaking about service versions, but about sprints, evergreen software and the continuous evolution of a service. The mobile industry has learned us the benefits of IT consumerization, of evolutionary services. But the user experience is not just related to the features and functions of the service, but also to its availability. Using the same principles on the operation side, having teams resolving problems quickly is adamant. Obviously, automation helps in responding fast, but frankly the automation bit is the simplest part. What is complex is changing the way the IT organization works. Take a moment to listening to my take on this. Enjoy.



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