In preparation of Cloud, keep your software evergreen

Many companies have built over the years a portfolio of applications using a variety of technologies. Acquisitions have resulted in the inheritance of multiple applications performing similar functions, making the collection even larger and more heterogeneous. I’ve even seen Windows 2000, Oracle 5 databases and other very old environments. There is no way those can be migrated to cloud easily. The first question to ask is whether the software running on those environments is still vital for the future of the enterprise. Can it be archived and/or replaced by something more recent. Companies seem hesitant to do such upgrade investments, but should think at the long term savings that can be gained from doing it. What is the extra monthly cost of having to maintain these old environments? What is the risk associated with technologies out of support? Particularly knowing the security vulnerabilities in those operating systems and tools? Look at the trees behind the forest. Want to know more, listen to the podcast.

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