Applications to Cloud – Lets get practical – part 2

In my previous podcast, I talked about a company deciding to migrate a portfolio of 1000 applications to cloud as part of a move to digital. Public cloud is their first option. We reviewed what to do with the applications they labeled digital, adamant in their journey to the digital enterprise. In this podcast we continue the journey and are looking at the tactical applications. These are applications that are required to run the company but are not directly involved in the digital effort of the enterprise. They include applications with a variety of operating systems and technologies. What should we do with them?

PodCast Tectical Picture

Remember the situation? Let’s now discuss what we do with each group of technologies, starting with the recent windows and Linux operating systems. Enjoy the discussion.

If you found this podcast interesting, you might also want to listen to part 3 focusing on Sunset and Archive applications

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