Applications to Cloud – Lets get practical – part 3

In part 1 of this podcast series I described a specific company and highlighted its application portfolio. I then spoke about what should be done with the applications labeled digital, the ones that support the business in its evolution to digital. In part 2, I looked at the tactical applications, the ones required by the business to run but that have no direct implication in the move to digital.

PodCast Picture Sunset

Let’s now look at the remainder of applications and start with the sunset ones. These are applications, often inherited from mergers and acquisitions, that do similar functions to tactical applications, but whose functions should be consolidated in the tactical ones. The sunset applications are doomed to disappear out of the portfolio, so how do we go after them. And lastly let’s talk about the applications that should be archived. Actually, it’s the data that should be archived for compliance or other reasons. So, what do we do with the applications. If you want to know more, listen to the podcast.

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