Building a Hybrid Functional Reference Architecture – Part 8 – Service Assurance

Now that the user runs the service instance, let’s finish the description of the pillars in the hybrid management functional reference architecture by focusing on the service assurance, called Detect to Correct or D2C in IT4IT. A user is using a service instance and something goes wront. What actually happens? At supply layer, the resources are monitored and an event is identified. At delivery layer, the health of the service instance is checked and if the event affects the service, a diagnostic is made, and possible remediation initiated (e.g. restarting the service instance). An incident is flagged and incident management is notified. Does this incident results in a problem and ultimately in a defect, then defect management, in service capability design is notified so the developers can work on the defect, or the supplier can be notified and requested to correct the defect. As you can see, service assurance is not in stand-alone but fully integrated with the remainder of the architecture.


Take a moment to listen to the podcast for a more detailed discussion.

In our final podcast I describe how multiple clouds interact with each-other to enable the hybrid environment to operate.

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