Building a Hybrid Functional Reference Architecture – Part 9 – Architecture Recursivity

In the previous podcasts, I discussed the Hybrid Management Functional Reference Architecture step by step (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8). Let’s now discuss how this architecture is operating in a multi-cloud environment. Indeed, Hybrid IT, being the combination of legacy with private & public clouds and with SaaS services, consists by definition of multiple cloud environments. We also saw that a service can be intermediated from another cloud, or be an aggregation of service elements from multiple clouds. Also capabilities such as bursting allows workloads to be redirected to resources located in another cloud. How does this all works together?


The interactions between the different clouds is not limited to the provisioning time. There is a need for multiple functions in the architecture to interact with each other when developing a service and during the whole lifecycle of the service instance.


Listen to the detailed description of those interactions in the last podcast of this series.

Herewith I finish the description of the Hybrid Management Functional Reference Architecture. Thank you for listening and as usual, feedback is really welcome.

Tell me what is going through your mind.

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