15 Questions to answer when going to Hybrid IT – Part 1

Many companies end up with hybrid IT environments by accident. They have decided to use Office 365, SalesForce, Workday or another SaaS application, while some of their developers have started experimenting with public cloud. It’s time to take a step back, review 15 topics and take decisions that will be embraced by the whole organization. It’s time to put policies and standards in place. Sure a governance needs to be put in place to ensure the decisions can be reviewed and altered when new possibilities appear. But it’s important to put that process in motion.

In the first part of this podcast I am focusing on following questions:

  1. What Cloud types (private, public)?
  2. What goes where (dev, test, staging, prod)?
  3. What providers (AWS, Azure, Google, IBM,..)?
  4. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, what combination?
  5. What public cloud services are in scope?
  6. Public cloud purchasing options chosen?
  7. Geographical distribution?

I’ll review the other 8 in the next podcast. Enjoy and listen.

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