15 Questions to answer when going to Hybrid IT – Part 2

In my previous podcast I started discussing the key questions you need to ask yourself when planning the development of your hybrid IT environment. Deciding and agreeing on these topics are critical to ensure the implementation of a well integrated, secure and easy to manage environment. Often companies start experimenting and en-up with independent silos that are nearly impossible to integrate. They expose themselves to risks at the integration points between the silos. So take the time to do the homework prior to moving ahead. If you’re already using a hybrid environment, have the courage to dismantle the silos that do not fit in the overall strategy. In the long term you will be the winner.

In this second part we are looking at:

  1. Cloud architectural principles chosen
  2. Brokering or not?
  3. Identity Management and Security considerations
  4. Application Portfolio analysis high level considerations
  5. Agile & DevOps?
  6. Microservices based new developments?
  7. Business Continuity approaches
  8. Future data architecture and principles

Enjoy listening.

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