Demand Management, key to the Digital Transformation

As enterprises move to the digital economy, the lines between business and IT are blurring fast. Requests keep poring into the IT department and often a tension is appearing as IT is unable to respond timely to the expectations of the business. Prioritizing the needs and managing the expectations of the business is critical to ensure the success of the digital transformation. We may learn a lesson from manufacturing and implementing demand management. In manufacturing this is mostly called S&OP, Sales and Operations Planning, where sales and manufacturing agree to ensure that what is sold can be manufactured and vice versa.

The question here is what criteria do we use to prioritize the requirements and how do we set-up the governance required to ensure a successful implementation, taking into account the constraints of IT, resources and budget.


In the podcast I describe how to approach demand management between business and IT and what benefits it brings to both parties.

I’m really interested in hearing your stories and your experience, so drop me a line and tell me how you did this within your company.

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