Public Clouds are Secure, aren’t they?

Very often I receive that question, are public clouds secure? The answer is actually simple, yes they are, up to the level of their responsibility. What this means is that for IaaS, security is guaranteed up to the OS level, in PaaS up to the tool level. It’s your responsibility though to ensure the end-to-end security. According to The Peak 10 hybrid IT study, 31% of respondents highlight security & compliance as the biggest challenge for Hybrid while 30% cite managing more systems. ITProPortal points out from their research that hybrid infrastructures are not without security challenges, as 50 percent of CIOs and IT decision makers are “concerned” or “deeply concerned” about managing security of hybrid infrastructures. So, it’s not because you go to the public cloud and build a hybrid environment that security is granted. You have to take a hard look at your applications and ensure security is embedded in them. How? Listen to the podcast and you’ll get some ideas I hope.

Tell me what is going through your mind.

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