In Cloud, you need Enterprise Architecture more than ever

Many companies move to cloud in general and public cloud in particular by trial and error. And one day they discover they have a footprint in the cloud without having looked at how this fits in their strategy and with the needs of the business. Enterprise Architecture is no longer seen as a necessary function in many IT departments.

To build the hybrid IT environment addressing the evolving requirements of the business, I argue Enterprise Architects are an essential link between business and IT. They need to understand the business needs, identify the functional requirements, make the technical decisions and establish the implementation plans to keep business and IT aligned. Setting up a small enterprise architecture team is money well spent. It avoids frustrations of taking the wrong decisions, implementing the wrong designs and ending up having to constantly adapt to the needs of the business. Sitting down, understand the vision and planning accordingly is in the best interest of all parties. It builds a common vision and sense of ownership. Enjoy listening to my arguments.

5 Replies to “In Cloud, you need Enterprise Architecture more than ever”

  1. Like your posts, regarding podacst invest in an architecture framework like TOGAF for the cloud transition and get C level involved in the business architecture of the BDAT domains (business/data/ application/technical) .
    Get an open discussion on current operation (CMO) on-premises and feature operation (FMO) as (hybrid) cloud not only on cost but also on business potential!

    Keep up the good work!


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