Go to Public Cloud, Think End-to-End

Many companies start using public cloud by experimenting with a compartment in AWS, Azure or somebody else. Over time that compartment runs production workloads and that is where problems appear. Often many assumptions were made on how things would work and who would do what without really thinking through the implications. In my last podcast I strongly recommended the development of an enterprise architecture. And that should be done, but it’s not enough. You need to take a thorough understanding of what services the public cloud providers actually deliver and what else needs to be done. Figure out who will do the other pieces and make sure you have it all covered. Take the end-to-end view. Identify use cases and think through every step of them to figure out who does what and when. This is how you will end-up having a real view of how your environment will behave now public cloud is part of it. Have a great listening.

Tell me what is going through your mind.

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