Applications drive Lean Cloud Migration

Very often the infrastructure teams decide to move to cloud for cost reasons or because they need to close their data center. But they forget that applications need to be migrated or the new environment has no purpose. Application teams are not measured along the same criteria as infrastructure and they do not want to risk problems in running their applications. So they resist an imposed migration.

Applications need to be part of the migration process day one. But this doesn’t mean we just take an application and migrate it to the latest flavor of the month cloud. It’s important to take the time to make a high level blueprint of the target environment the company will use moving forward. This requires the business, the application and infrastructure teams to work together to define where they are going to as a company. It doesn’t need to be in great details and take a lot of time, but the buy-in of all parties needs to be obtained around a common vision for the future. I call that the blueprint. Defining the blueprint and agreeing on how it will be governed moving forward is critical for the success of the endeavor. After your first couple trials, when you decide to migrate to cloud, build that consensus across the organization. It will benefit you greatly moving forward. Listen to my arguments and enjoy.

Tell me what is going through your mind.

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