IoT makes Hybrid IT the norm

The time where all assets were located in a small number of data centers under IT’s control are over. The use of SaaS and cloud services has driven companies to exploit a hybrid environment, and many may not have a full understanding of what this means and why it is drastically changing the way IT should be performed. Companies see this as a temporary problem and believe that a quick migration of their assets away from their data centers fix the issue. Nothing is more wrong than that. Hybrid is there to stay.

Indeed, not only the growth of the SaaS offering but also the increased usage of IoT, the Internet of Things, makes hybrid the norm. As business increasingly becomes digital and as sensors are used to gather data in real time, the exploitation of that data can no longer be performed centrally in the cloud. This is where the “edge” appears. A central application, located in the cloud will be interacting with millions of applications on the edge to analyze data, take action and learn. Hybrid environments will no longer consist in a couple dozen locations, but rather in millions. So, it’s not too early to gain a clear understanding of what changes now IT is decentralized. Have you taken that time already or what are your plans on the subject?

Tell me what is going through your mind.

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