API Management, next generation CRM?

In my previous blog entry I talked about the Strangler application approach and highlighted how by creating an abstraction layer, you could isolate the monolith application and slowly decompose it in loosely coupled modules that make fast deployment of new technology easier. But API management does not only facilitate the life of the developer, it... Continue Reading →

Five hot topics for 2017

This is the time of the year when we all look at the future. What’s coming? Early this year, I wrote a blog entry with the same title, or nearly. I highlighted 5 key topics for the year. Now, as we are reaching December, I looked back at what I wrote and frankly things haven’t... Continue Reading →

Should big data reside in the cloud?

This entry was originally posted on the CloudSource blog on November 2011 Now that cloud is slowly evolving beyond the “peak of inflated expectations” on the Gartner hype cycle, it looks like a new hype is coming quickly. It’s called “big data.” Let’s first define the term, so we’re sure what we are talking about.... Continue Reading →

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