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Do we still need an IT department?

In a world where the business is increasingly performed using digital technologies and where the younger generation is IT literate, do we still need an IT department? That is actually an interesting question. It’s true that some industries have become... Continue Reading →

DevOps, it’s not just automation

I often hear people telling me they are moving quickly to DevOps and that they are automating their testing and deployment environments. Unfortunately six or nine months later they are disappointed. They have not gotten the benefits they expected. Why... Continue Reading →

The business aspects of cloud: Part 3 – The strategic service broker

This entry was originally published on the CloudSource blog in January 2012 Remember, at the end of part 1, we highlighted that the business expects IT to be able to respond faster and address variable demands and to provide easy... Continue Reading →

Cloud computing no longer just a CIO issue as it grabs attention of the C-Suite

This entry was originally published on the CloudSource Blog in November 2011 As you know, I have the opportunity to meet with CIO’s on a regular basis. Many of them start realizing the transformative nature of cloud computing.  I have... Continue Reading →

A Modern CIO, a Techie at Heart with a Business Mind?

As the world increasingly becomes IT literate and as digital technologies percolate in everything we do, the role of the CIO and the responsibility for the IT department needs to change drastically or it will implode. You’re probably asking yourself why I would predict that, and what CIOs should do to have a bright future. Let me answer both questions.

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