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Evergreen Applications: A Myth or Reality?

The business environment is changing at an ever faster pace. As part of this momentum, business teams expect IT to adapt their applications so they can address the latest business conditions quickly. The problem? Most IT departments are unable to... Continue Reading →

The super mobile worker: 4 necessities to make it reality

This entry was originally published on the CloudSource blog in November 2011 The other day I received a message requesting me to comment on a “vision” of the super mobile worker. The enquiry started with this statement: “I wish to... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Digital Enterprise, Industry 4.0

This entry was originally posted on the CloudSource blog on march 9th, 2015 As technology becomes ever more pervasive in our daily lives, the questions of how, when, and why we should be using it becomes critical. Concepts are appearing... Continue Reading →

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