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Are you going to cloud for the right reason?

Many companies have established a cloud first strategy. Many clients tell me they are moving to the cloud. But are they doing that for the right reasons? Are they thinking through all aspects of why it makes sense to go... Continue Reading →

What applications could I retire?

Yet another interesting question to ask. What applications can I retire in my application portfolio? How do we identify which applications can be retired and potentially replaced by others? When reviewing a portfolio this is a fundamental question that needs... Continue Reading →

How to transform applications for cloud migration

This entry was originally published on the CloudSource blog in November 2011 One question that keeps haunting me is, “Is the cloud all about transforming the way existing applications are running and experienced by the user or should cloud be... Continue Reading →

Decoding Cloud Migration: “Lift-and-shift”

This blog entry was originally posted on March 18th, 2015 In many migration to cloud conversations, the term “lift-and-shift” appears. But what does this term actually mean and what is the user expecting? Ultimately what the user wants, to my... Continue Reading →

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