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The business aspects of cloud: Conclusion

This entry was originally published on the CloudSource Blog in March 2012. I’ve spent the last several weeks addressing some of the business aspects of cloud and why/how companies move to the cloud. It’s time now to wrap this series... Continue Reading →

The business aspects of Cloud: Part 2 – When the Papy-Boom gets involved

This entry was originally published on the CloudSource blog on January 2012 We all are well aware of the dramas of World War II, and of the many people that lost their lives in that global conflict. In the years... Continue Reading →

After Cloud, will Business and IT merge?

This entry was originally posted on the CloudSource Blog in December 2011 Cloud has now been around for a couple years. Slowly but surely, the significance of cloud is daunting on people. Beyond the new technologies used to improve the... Continue Reading →

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